Late cancels are a necessary evil going forward with Double Edge. Maintaining class quality and making sure people are being held accountable to booking out class space, particularly in prime times is vital to the ongoing member experience as the gym continues to grow and thrive for our members.  

The goal of the late cancel fee was and still is not about the money, but there has to be a sting for there to be accountability. But I am happy to report everyone is doing a great job working with us on this new policy. And I see late fees dropping to near nothing at some point this year.

Late Fee Count:

December 2018. The first month of a beta test with no charge.
156 late cancels

January 2019. First month with full $3 charge.
79 late cancels

February 2019. Second month.
53 late cancels.

In February we had 5633 visits to Double Edge and only 53 late cancels. That is 0.94% of total visits which is amazing. I want to thank everyone for working with us and helping this simple process be a success at maintaining a quality class size and quality coaching experience.

Just a reminder that if the reason you had to cancel is because of something out of your control, such as boss made you stay at work, kids were sick, family emergency etc. you can have your charge refunded by submitting a request at the following link

Going forward, Jacob and I decided we are going to donate all the money from late fees for the rest of 2019 to Send It Foundation. Go to their website to check out the amazing work they do helping people with cancer get outside and experience the outdoors.   

– Coach Derek