Yoga Update

Dear Yoga Enthusiast,


I am grateful for all the patience during this time while we redefine the yoga program at Double Edge.   Over the last 2 years there has been a class average of 4 or less, and we have struggled with keeping instructors and classes consistent. There had to be change to ensure you all are receiving the best possible service from us each time you enter the yoga studio.  


We want yoga and recovery to become a part of Double Edge culture.  We truly believe in the benefits and hope to combine Welded and yoga into a balanced lifestyle.


With that,  I am excited about the future and I would like to announce Dawn Swinney as our new yoga director at Double Edge.  She has decided to transition from her career at the Forest Service and come to Double Edge.  She will be contributing her life experience and passion for a well-rounded fitness regime to help us grow our Welded and Yoga program.  Dawn represents our core values and truly understands the culture of Double Edge.   With her at the helm of the DE yoga program, I am very excited about the future.  


Dawn has teamed up with Savina for a fresh start to the new program.  We all love Savina and the classes she is able to teach and I will always be grateful for her vision of adding yoga to Double Edge.  Savina has recently started her career as a full time nurse, so we won’t see her as much as we would like too, but she is still going to be a very valuable asset and will help continue to be involved in the program and as one of the yoga teachers.


There will be some requirements for yoga participation as the new schedule rolls out.  Signing up for classes via our Double Edge Fitness App or the Mindbody app is imperative.  Class registration will be required for you to attend any future yoga classes and soon all classes at Double Edge will require you to sign up in advance.  Yoga teachers and Welded coaches need to have an accurate count on who will be in class so they can prepare and plan the best experience possible for you as the member.


We are looking to start a new yoga schedule on Friday, March 2nd at 6am.  


Weekly Schedule:

Wednesday at 5:30pm Rest and Restore with Alex

Friday at 6am Rest and Restore with Dawn

Saturday at 9:30am Lengthen and Strengthen Savina (but rotating coaches)


Again thank you for your time and patience.  If you have any questions, Dawn can help you by emailing her at [email protected] or myself.  



Derek Wellock