Workout And Words For October 2nd – Class Schedule For 10/2 and 10/3

Due to the Hell of the West competition starting on Friday, we will be canceling all evening classes.   The morning classes will still run at their normal times with our last class being at noon.  We would like to encourage any and all of our members to come cheer on your coaches (Derek, Leo, Alvie, Jacob, Sabrina) and the other 20 members who will be competing starting at 11:30am on Friday and ending at 7pm.

Saturday’s classes will still run at the same time (8am, 9am) but there will not be a Olympic lifting class at 10am.  The HOTW will continue starting at 10:30am with the Women’s Novice and will finish with the finals at 7pm.

If you are planning on being a spectator please know that there will be a $15 cover charge for the two days.  To purchase your 2 day pass you can visit The competition will be taking on the lower level ballroom on the backside of the GSR by the pool.

If you have any questions or concerns about the competition or classes please contact [email protected].





Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



6×4 Back Squat (Increase in weight first set 70%) Every 1:45 Go off how you feel



14 Min AMRAP

Cash in 800m Run

then repeat:

10 T2B

5 Burpee to rig

15 Medball slams 20/16



14 Min AMRAP

Cash in 800m Run

then repeat:

10 K2E/V-Ups

5 Burpee to rig

15 Medball slams



Pre – Hip External Rotation w/ Flexion (pg. 309)

Post – Hip Capsule Mobilization (pg. 315)





Ring muscle ups
Overhead squat practice
“the up to the gains challenge?”
10 overhead squats 95/65
5 muscle ups
8 overhead squats
4 muscle ups
3 muscle ups
2 muscle ups
2 ohs
1 muscle ups