Workout And Words For January 20th – Giving Thanks To Alvie!

Alvie is my morning barista–serving up solid, fun, and definitely challenging workouts at the way-to-early hour of 5 am. I am very thankful that he is able and willing to show up each and every morning to teach this class. If there was no 5 am class, I would almost never get a workout. He has never been late, he never complains, and he confidently guides us bleary-eyed early birds through the workout and sends us on our way feeling so much better. This is definitely better than any cup of coffee I could substitute for my Double Edge hour (and I love coffee)! To get only better, when it’s over, Alvie has a freshly brewed pot of coffee ready for indulging! So, Alvie, thank you for each and every 5 am. I am ever grateful to you for being a keep component of my ongoing fitness and betterment.

–Silver Dwinell
Alvie was the first trainer to take me under his wing. He really took the time to teach me the movements and he genuinely cares if I get better or not. He is a very technical coach and when he is around it’s always a good time. Thanks Alvie for befriending me and taking the time to teach me all the small things that go unseen.
If you want to say thanks to Alvie you can visit our Facebook page and leave a comment for him there!




Warm Up:

3 Rounds

7 burpees, 15 airsquats 15 PVC pass throughs



10×2 Touch and Go Squat Squat Cleans (Every 50 Seconds)

Foundational: 10×2 Power Clean (Not touch and Go)




12 Minute AMRAP

50/45 Cal row or 45/40 Cal bike

40 Lateral Burpees

30 Pull Ups

Max Clean and Jerks @135/95



12 Minute AMRAP

40 Cal Row or 35 Cal Bike

35 Burpees

30 Ringrows

Max KB Swings 53/35



Pre – Banded Hip Extension (pg. 329)

Post – Lat Smash with Lacrosse Ball




Butterfly Pull Ups

High Box Jump Efficiency

Mastering The Double Under





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