Workout And Words For January 16th – Giving Thanks To Sabrina!

Sabrina is hard not to love, she is fun, has an upbeat personality, but she wont take crap! As much as I love all the male trainers, I apperciate having Sabrina around all the time, because she gets all the girl stuff 🙂 I appreciate all the hard work and time she puts into the ladies night! It was so much fun and separates itself from general class. Sabrina is the sweetest most kind person, I look up to her a lot in Welded, she is strong and determined, and I would be lucky to become an athlete like you Sabrina!

Lindsey Y.




You are the best! Thank you for not only being a great coach but a friend too! No matter the skill difference between us, you always make yourself relatable and I LOVE that about you! You push me to do my best and you believe in me which means a lot! I don’t think I have ever worked as hard as I did then during the Lurong WOD when you coached me through it one on one (my first competition, yay!) Love you!! Love, Ang




really is one of the sweetest girls around!  One day I overheard her saying how she felt like she didn’t have the body that people expect for a Crossfit coach. I had to speak up and tell her that that is the exact reason she is such a great coach. She isn’t perfect, none of us are. If she looked like one of the elite female Crossfit athletes, I can guarantee it would be intimidating to a lot of people. As females, we get judged a lot on how we look and the beauty of Crossfit is that it’s often the girls with the widest back or the thickest thighs that are the strongest. The fact that Sabrina is so relatable and “normal” yet still kicks ass, makes us all feel like we can do it too!

Nicole S.



Oh my goodness, where do I start with my sunshine, Sabrina!!! Her smile is so truly infectious. She is such a light in Double Edge. Sabrina was my first coach, so I will always have a special place in my heart for her. She has an incredible way of making you feel confident and proud of the work you do but also a sneaky way of pushing you harder without you even knowing. I love my Sabrina! And I feel like I have come a long way because of her. And it goes without saying, she is a super bad-ass athlete. She is so amazingly strong, someday I MIGHT be fortunate enough to lift half as much as her :). And lastly, not only my kiddos but ALL the double edge kids absolutely adore her. Double Edge would not be the same without our little sunshine. We thank you for all you do. You rock! Love you girly!!!! So blessed you are in my life!

Sarah Grant


If you want to say thanks to Sabrina you can visit our Facebook page and leave a comment for her there!






Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



40 DB Heavy Lawn Mowers each side

3 Rounds

90 Second Plank,10 Total Heavy DB Lunges/Adv. OH lunges, 20 Banded Push Ups




10 Snatches @95/65

2 Rounds

20 Burpees

30 Air Squats

10 Snatches @105/75

2 Rounds

20 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

10 Snatches @115/85



8 DB Snatches each arm

2 Rounds

15 Burpees

20 Air Squats

8 DB Snatches each arm

2 Rounds

15 Step Ups

20 Ab Mat Situps

8 DB Snatches each arm


 Pre – Banded OH distraction (pg. 257)

Post – Glute tack and floss with lacrosse ball (pg. 300)





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