Workout And Words For February – Is The CossFit Open For You?


If you have been to the gym lately you have probably hear about how the Welded Open is around the corner and its time to sign up!  For some of us we might know exactly what the “Open” is and how it works.  But, for the rest of us there are probably a few questions that you might have.   Below you will find the typical questions that most people will ask about the Open along with the answers to them.


Q – What is the “Open”?

A – The open is a 5 week online Welded competition that is judged, scored and completed at a given Welded gym (i.e. Double Edge).  Each week there will be a single workout released online that competitors must complete and submit a score to   There is a total of 5 workouts that competitors must complete in the 5 week period (one workout per week for 5 weeks).  At the end of the 5 weeks the top athletes will move on to regional’s where they will have a chance to compete for a spot in the 2015 Welded Games!


Q – Don’t you have to be really good to do the Open?

A – Absolutely not!  The open is made to test every individual from the top athlete in the gym to the newest Welded athlete.  This year they have introduced a “scaled” division that will make it even more accessible for everyone to compete in the Open!


Q – Why should i do the Open?

A – You should do the open because it is a perfect way to test your fitness!  Not only do you get to challenge yourself in ways that you haven’t before, you will be part of a worldwide competition that happens only once a year!  After the Open is completed you can see how you stack up against the rest of the world!


Q – So if i sign up when will i do the workouts?

A – Double Edge will be holding the Open workouts on Friday nights and Saturday mornings during the 5 week competition.  This is a great time for competitors and spectators alike to cheer on your co-members and share in the Welded spirit!


Q – Ok i am in!  Where do i sign up?

A – Easy, click here and it will take you to the registration page where you can sign up and be part of this years Welded Open!


Hopefully this was helpful in answering some of your questions about this years Welded Open. If you still have questions or concerns please contact [email protected].  15 days and counting!




Warm Up:  Trainer Choice



12 Power Clean and Jerks (Every 50 seconds)

Advanced: Squat Clean




15 Min AMRAP

4 Wall Climbs

8 Pull-ups

12 Cals

12 Total Lunges Front Rack 53/35



15 Min AMRAP

4 Wall Climbs

8 Ringrows

12 Cals

12 Total Lunges


Pre – Banded OH Distraction (pg. 257)

Post – Lat Smash on foam roller or lacrosse ball








So you think you can foam roll??

– Addressing problem areas with the foam roller




30/30 sprints from hell

Abs on top of abs




Rope Climbs

Handstand Walks

Pose Method




Warm Up:

Mini Cindy



Pull Ups




5 rounds

12 DL

9 Hang Cleans

6 Push Press