Workout And Words For February 20th – Jump Rope Dilemma

One of the hardest movements to master in the beginning of Welded is the dreaded double under!  There is no movement in Welded that can cause you instant pain and regret like the lash of a missed attempt!   To understand the double under it takes time, patience and constant coaching to finally get to the point that you can be automatic in the movement.  After you understand it all it takes is continued practice to become better and better.

So what is the dilemma you may ask?  No its not understanding the double under (even though we are always here to help) its understanding what to do with the jump rope after you are all finished mastering the movement!  As you can see from the picture above it seems that the class who put away these jump ropes were in a drunken stooper with ropes placed in the wrong slots and haphazardly hanging by the handles.  Just like the double under, putting away the jump ropes takes time, patience and constant coaching.

So how should you put away your jump rope?  It is easy but can be confusing when not explained, so let us explain!  Step 1 – Pick up your jump rope

Step 2 – Walk over to the jump rope rack

Step 3 – Place both handles in the same slot at the first curvature of the handle

Step 4 – High five a coach!


If you have any question or concerns about the jump rope dilemma please contact [email protected].  We appreciate your understanding in trying to keep a neat and clean gym for all of our members!  Have a great weekend!




Warm Up:

3 lap run

2 Rounds 15 hollow rocks, 15 air squats, 20 scorpions, 10 burpees



No Strength Just Cardio Gains!




35 Minute AMRAP

Buy in Partner 3K Row

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squat

20 Double Unders

5 DL @205/140



35 Minute AMRAP

Buy in Partner 2500m Row

5 Ringrows

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squat

40 Singles

5 Deadlifts


Pre – 30/30 sprints on the bike for 5 mins

Post – Partner Quad Smash