Workout and Words For December 9th – Food Drive

Did you know that 48.8 million Americans (including 16.2 million children) live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis?  As a result, they struggle with hunger at some time during the year.  This statistic is even harder to hear during the holiday season when most families celebrate by enjoying food with family and friends.

Double Edge has teamed up with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and Mckenna Berg of Keller Williams Reality to help families in our area receive a warm meal this holiday season.  We feel very blessed to have such a supportive community and we want to show how we can help fight hunger in America by asking our members to bring in one canned good or non-perishable food item.

To thank those who give back we will be raffling off a brand new pair of Nano’s and also a 60 minute massage sponsored by Mckenna Berg!  For every can of food or non-perishable food item that you bring in you will receive one ticket, the more you donate the more tickets you will receive!  Our food drive will go until December 19th where we will hopefully deliver a drum full of food to the food bank and deliver brand new Nano’s and a 60 minute massage to two lucky members!





Warm Up:

75 sec plank

20 total light KB lunges, 20 v-ups, 15 push ups



12 Minute EMOM 1 Front Squat @85%

Foundational- 2 Moderate Front Squats





10 Rounds

3 CJ @135/95

15 Wall Balls 20/14

20 Min Time Cap



10 Rounds

9 KB Swings

15 Wall ball thrusters



Pre – Banded OH Distraction (pg. 257)

Post – Pec Major Smash on top of KB or Basketballs (pg. 264)




Rowing Technique

Ring Dip

Partner Challenge