Workout And Words For December 18th – Toys For Tots

Christmas is always a special time for families to come together to share a warm meal and open presents under the Christmas tree.  Unfortunately there are many families who struggle just to put a meal on the table during Christmas time let alone have the resources to put presents under the tree.

To help those who are in need we are encouraging everyone to bring a toy to donate to Toys for Tots during our Christmas party.  We will be collecting all of the presents under the small tree that we have in our members lounge.  You don’t have to spend much and you can choose to buy for a girl, boy or both.

More often than not we can become consumed with the stresses of the holidays and forget what it is truly about.  The holiday season is about sharing peace and love with everyone and we feel this is a wonderful way to directly effect the lives of so many families in our area.  Please enjoy this short clip about Toys for Tots and we will see everyone tonight!





Warm Up:

Trainers Choice



6×3 Back Squat (Increase in weight-Every 90 Seconds)




5 Rounds

10 Lateral Burpees Jump Over

10 Thrusters 95/65

30 DU’s

14 Minute Time Cap



4 Rounds

10 Lateral Burpees Step Over

10 Thrusters/DB

60 Singles

14 Minute Time Cap



Pre – Single leg flexion (pg. 303)

Post – Barbell Shoulder Smash (pg. 266)




Ring Muscle Ups

Shoulder to Overhead

Kneeling Box Jumps