Workout for Tuesday, October 25th

Give and Take

By: Sabrina Blajos

During my whole #Brinachallenge I have definitely learned a lot of things but the most important one has been the “give and take”.

What I mean by this is making sure to understand when it’s okay to give in to temptations and when it’s not okay to take away from all the hard work and discipline you have been putting in to get to a certain goal. I bring this up because I know the holidays are right around the corner and we tend to think its okay to “give” a little too much and then before we know it we have “taken” away from all the hard work we have put in the past year. I’m definitely not saying don’t enjoy the holidays but if you know you are going to a Halloween party on Saturday, try your best to eat clean and stay hydrated throughout the week. Same goes for Thanksgiving, I know we all love stuffing our faces, it’s almost a law to go crazy during Thanksgiving and make yourself sick. But make yourself drink a glass of water before, during, and after your dinner to help the digestive system. The holidays are always going to be there and they are always going to be the best time of the year, but make sure that you don’t “take” to much away from all that you have been working for.

Other than that, enjoy the holidays and that special time with family and friends.


Group Class Workout

Warm Up:

Run 3 laps around rig, run 2 laps backwards
1 lap bear crawl, 25 banded good mornings, 15 pushups, 15 air squats
Finish with: 20 scorpions, 15 PVC pass through



Welded: deadlift 6×3, rising (every 2:00)
Welded Lean: No strength


4 Rounds:
250 meter row
10 thrusters (95#/65#)
15 pull-ups

Adv: unbroken thrusters and unbroken pull-ups

Welded Lean:
For Time:
2000 meter row
100 air squats
1000 meter ski
100 situps
500 meter row



Mobility of the Day: Quad Smash (pg. 324)
Improves: Hip Function, Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain