Workout for Tuesday, October 18th

Why You Aren’t Getting Results

By: Alvie Hafen


The last 3 months in the gym have been disappointing. You haven’t PRed any lifts in months. The scale has shown the same number every day and you swear your pants are fitting tighter around your waist. You see other members yell in excitement as they PR their squat. In the locker room you overhear how someone lost 15 lbs these last 3 months.

Why them? Why are they getting results and making gains and not you?

I am going to tell you why. Time for some tough love and honesty.

Alright we are going to go over some numbers. I am going to break down the month.

Example 1

Workout 2x a week = 8 workouts a month   8/30 = 26.6%

On average you work out once every 4 days…

Consumes 10 beers a week (1.4 avg per day) = 40 Coors light per month

102 Calories per 12 ounce beer X 40 = 4080 Calories in alcohol per month.

Eat out 2x per week 1300 Cal avg = 8 times a month = 10,400 cals per month eating out

(usually we indulge when we eat out)

Example 2

Workouts 3x a week = 12 workouts a month 12/30 = 40%

On average you work out a once every 3 days…

10 glasses of red wine a week (5oz) (1.4 avg per day) = 40 glasses of red wine per month

125 Calories per 5oz glass X 40= 5000 Calories in alcohol per month

Dessert 2x a week = 8 times a month X 416 cals= 3,328 Calories

(2 chocolate cookies 156 cals + 1 scoop vanilla ice cream ½ cup 260 cals)= 416 cals

You see what I am getting at? Little things add up. A beer here, a missed workout there. They make a difference in results and how fast you get them.

Be honest with yourself. How many times a week do you workout? How many beers did you have this month? How many times did you eat fast food? IF you can be honest with yourself, you can see why results haven’t come.

If you had a huge math test at the end of the month, would you only study twice a week for an hour? No you would study more than that! You would study 3, 4, or even 5 times a week!

You will study consistently for the next 30 days to achieve optimal results. 

Effort: a vigorous or determined attempt, strenuous physical or mental exertion

Do you put real effort in changing your body?

Do you put forth effort during your workout? If you are studying for your math test, do you have the tv on? Are you talking to friends while studying? When you study you study hard. Why? Because this is how you pass the test, this is how you learn the material.

When you are working out, do you take long breaks? Do you not do to full depth on squats? Do you get water several times during the workout? Do you take breathers and go chalk up? Do you go lighter on the weights just because it is easier? DO you cut reps?

What is your intensity like? What grade would you give your effort during class? Did you get an A? OR was it a C effort?

Are you breathing hard? Is sweat pouring off your face?

Or are you fine right after the workout is done?

Effort and consistency. There is no magic pill ladies and gentlemen. There is no instant fix. We live in a NOW society and in an entitled society.

You have to be honest with yourself.

What kind of effort are you putting into getting results?

Are you being consistent with your diet and working out?

It is not easy, but take small steps:

Add one 1 day of working out to your week.

Add some intensity to your workout, push outside the comfort zone.

Cut out 2 days of wine with your evening meal a week.

Tessa Rognier was recently in this “no gains zone”. She was upset about not PRing in a very long time. She committed to 4 or 5 days a week for a whole month. She ended up PRing 3 of her different lifts. The excitement and happiness she felt was infectious and motivating to me.

She put in effort. She made a change to her lifestyle and it paid off in a big way. YOU can make a change. You can lose that weight. You can PR. You just have to believe it, work for it, and commit to it.

Decide what it is you want. Write that shit down. Make it a plan. And work on it.

Every. Single. Day…work on it.



Group Class Workout



Warm Up:

4 Rounds: 30 second plank/ 30 second air squats

X2 single KB bell up walk 60ft + 5 strict press

Finish with: 20 arm circles, 15 PVC PT, GM



Strength: Push Press

Welded: 5×5increase in weight (every 2 minutes)

Lean:  No strength







muscle ups

squat snatches (135#/95#)



pull ups

push ups

snatches 75#/55#


Welded Lean:

6 Rounds (45 seconds work/15 seconds rest)


kettlebell swings (35#/24#)


wallballs (20#/15#)

med-ball slams (20#/15#)



Mobility of the Day: Quad Smash (pg. 324)

Improves: Hip function, knee, hip, and lower back pain