It’s You VS. You

By: Joaquin Ramirez

All too often do I hear disappointment in people’s voices when the gym doesn’t go as well as planned. It is very common to be your worst critic and it is okay to get a little fired up about bad performances. The reason we get fired up is because we care. The problem lies in letting that performance do more than just fire you up for tomorrow. We need to try and take that disappointment and turn it into something positive such as inspiration to work harder to achieve those goals. Let the fact that you have room to improve inspire you that way you put no limit on your potential.

We all have bad days; it’s going to happen. We also all have some sort of disappointment if we do not achieve what we set out to do. Just remember it is you vs. you and you must enjoy the journey. It won’t happen overnight and it takes hard work. Whether you want to PR in a certain lift or hit a certain gymnastic movement or maybe you want to lose weight or just be more fit. Keep in mind that all of these things take time and to celebrate the small victories because those are all steps in the right direction. Wake up, shake off yesterday and attack that goal with all your efforts.

Group Class Workout


Warm Up: 3rds: 10 DB strict press, 20 arm circles, 15 air squats, 3 inchworms

Finish with: 1 Min Banded OH Dist., 15 PVC PT GM


Strength: Strict Press 6×3 Every 1:30

Heavy Across (Use Same Weight)

Lean: No Strength






12 – 1

Lateral Burpees

Front Rack Step Ups

95/65  24/20″

20 Min Cap



Scaled: 30/20 DBs

Adv: 14-1


Welded Lean


Complete 300 Cals Pick Machine

Every 2 Minutes:

Rotate the Rds.

rd1) 10 Strict Pull ups/Ring Rows

rd2) 10 Hand Release Push Ups

rd3) 10 Plate Sit Ups

Time Cap: 40 Min


Mobility Of the Day: Glute Smash (pg. 300)

Improves: Low Back and Hip Pain, Knee Out Position


Skills: back accessories