Workout For June 23rd – Jacob’s Sustainable Journey Continued

Sustainable Journey

By: Jacob Wellock


Hey everyone! Here I am once again writing to you all with this being my second week of the Journey! I just want to say a quick thank you to all of you that have been supporting me and throwing me the good vibes throughout this endeavor, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun but you all are definitely making it better. With all that being said, let’s dive into the new update on how everything is going on!


Like I said, I have been doing this for two weeks and I already feel better and am performing better. Those were the ultimate goals, plus looking better aesthetically. If I were going for this for just the looks, I wouldn’t make it…because as you all know, me and food are pretty good friends and putting restrictions on everything I eat is like telling Morgan Freeman to not sound so majestic in his commentaries. It’s just not going to happen. From the performance stand point, I have already hit a PR on my deadlift, it was from a deficit and I got 555 pounds, which is pretty exciting. My goal for the end of the year is to hit 575 and maybe down the road hit a triple body weight deadlift. But if I want to hit numbers like that I am going to have to have a lot of things dialed or pretty damn close to dialed in, like my “sustainable” nutrition. It has already been working for me and I know it will continue to work for me as long as I stay consistent! The endurance aspect has also getting better, I find myself taking shorter rests in my metcons (Metabolic Conditioning-A.K.A. Cardio-A.K.A. What hurts the most). It has had a resounding impact on a lot of things. I have been sleeping better, feeling more recovered (even though I am sore as hell sometimes), better strength gains, endurance gains, more energetic, feeling like a warrior, and I have even been getting better gas mileage. All right, just kidding about feeling like a warrior. The hardest part every time is always the weekend, so if you are consistent on the weekend even remotely close like the week, chances are you are going to take it to the next level, myself included.


As I said already, I am feeling great and loving how I feel! Maybe in week 3 I will be feeling like a warrior. You never know, so stay tuned. Also, if you see me at the gym and have any questions for me, please feel free to ask me! You can also add me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram. Well, it is that time to go and play with my two kids…Bonnie and Clyde…my little big eared Basset Hound and my large goof ball Pit Bull. But before I leave you guys I will leave you with a little poem.


Slam Bam, Oh Hot Damn,

What part of Fun and Gains don’t you understand?

If you take things too serious

You will always be curious

If that friend orders a new beer you want to try,

That could be glorious

Or maybe even that one slice of pie,

That you know is notorious.

You will want to join in, because of all the stress

That’s ok, as long as you don’t let it turn you into that mess.

Enjoy yourself, have fun, but always make sure

To never be,

That sad little chum.







Warm Up:

4 minutes 30/30 machine

15 goblet squats, 1 min plank, 20 scorpions



5×3 Front Squat @75% Every 90 seconds

Lean 5×6 Front Squat @50%






5 Power Cleans 135/95

10 Lateral Burpees

3 Min Rest


8 Alt. DB Snatch 65/40

10 Box Jumps 24/20


Welded Lean

17 Min AMRAP

15 Cal Bike

3 Man Makers 35/20

15 Cal Row

20 V-Ups



Pre – Banded Hip Extension

Post – Thoracic Spine Smash





8am to 9am




“Bro Sesh”