Fueling Up For The Open

Here is a great blog brought to you by the Lurong Living Challenge team about how the Resolution challenge is a perfect way to prepare us for the Welded Open.  Enjoy!

With the Welded Opens nearing, there are critical ways you need to prepare. The Resolution Challenge is built to help you perform at high levels, improve your WOD times, set new PRs, and improve your health.

Now that the Opens are right around the corner, you should be focused on your goals more than ever. Your goals should be designed to help you be prepared to compete at a high level during the Opens, and they should be something you can accomplish. Listed in the following sections are some essential elements to of your goals to help you with the Welded Opens.


to achieve your goals for the Opens, it is important to maintain a strict diet. If you have not been true to your goal diet, now is the time to step it up a notch and be dedicated. Proper fuel in your body will help you achieve those goal times and lifts. Moreover, with proper fuel in your body, fatigue is less likely to set in, making those critical points more achievable. This is one of the most important aspects going into the games, so be sure diet is set to ensure proper performance.

Understanding your Diet

It is one aspect to consume foods you are told to eat and not eat, but it is another to grasp fully how you ought to eat. Making sure you have a full understanding of your diet and how it affects your performance will be crucial for the Welded Opens. By now, you should have some idea of what foods benefit your performs and which do not. Some foods which may benefit your performance include nuts, seeds, vegetables, lean meats, and fruit. Some which may hinder your performance include pasta, rice, potatoes, fried food, fatty cuts of meat, and sugary foods. If you consider your body as a performance machine and feed it accordingly, your performance will be top notch throughout the Opens.

The Edge

Developing the edge takes time, but the challenge has helped you develop the mindset to approach the edge. The edge is considered the “swagger” of extreme focus needed to go to the next level when called upon. To get this edge, you must improve from your start to the finish and make sure to finish everything strong. If you finish the challenge with momentum, you are guaranteed to have that edge moving into the Opens.

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Warm Up:

3 Rds: 8 burpees, 10 goblet squats,

15 PVC PT :30 sec plank

1 minute hip capsule stretch each side



7×1 Back Squat 90% 1:20

Lean: No Strength





Lurong LV III

13 Min AMRAP

10 Power Cleans 135/95

20 Wall Balls 20/14 (10’)

30 Double Unders


Welded Lean

For Time:

50 Wall Balls 20/14

50/40 Cal Bike

150 Double Unders

50/40 Cal Row

50 Wall Balls 20/14

50/40 Cal Ski


Mobility Of the Day: Olympic Wall Squat

Improves: Back Squat, Knee Out, Tight Adductors




Strengthen & Lengthen

6 to 7am

12 to 12:45pm


Guided Stretching

12:45 to 1:15


Mobs & Yogs

5:30 to 6:45




Warm Up:

4 rounds (40/20) row

2 rounds

15 air squats


5 burpees

Mobility (2 minutes)

Skill: Bar Muscle Up

5 minutes of attempts


7 min. AMRAP

10 thrusters

10 lateral burpees

Rest 2 min.

7 min. AMRAP

10 snatches

10 box jumps

Rest 2 min.

3 min. max burpees