Do You Understand Intensity? (November 22)

By: Jacob Wellock

One of the biggest aspects of Welded is intensity. It is one of the key components that us as coaches try and teach. It is something that you must learn to do through consistently coming to class and through recording scores and working in certain time domains you get a better understanding of it means to have intensity.

An example of intensity would look like this. Let’s say you do “Grace” in 4 minutes and a few months later you do it in 3 minutes. What happened? This is a combination of getting in better shape and knowing how to push harder, which is intensity. There are relative intensities as well. Someone who is 80 years old and someone who is 20 years old are going to have different visual intensities going into a workout, but if they are both putting in 100% effort for their ability, than this would be called relative intensity. It’s all about how well YOU can perform. Try not to compare yourself to someone who is completely different than you are. If you have someone in class that has similar abilities, then you should push yourself even harder because that individual more than likely wants to beat you. If you have any competitive drive in you at all, you will likely learn intensity much faster than someone who does not have a competitive nature. If you are not competitive, that is okay, but you should be with yourself, because I don’t care who you are, no one looks at themselves and is fine with not getting better. Anyone that cares about anything in their life anyway will most likely try and be a better version of them self. That is with everything, not just fitness.

With all that said, when you come into the gym, remember to record your scores so you can try and beat it next time. Look at the times of the day and see how close you can get to that or beat it. If you think you can add a little more weight to that squat, then you should throw on some 5’s. You can add a little intensity to everything you do. That just means that you are more determined than the person that doesn’t have intensity and you will reap those benefits. The faster you learn that, the sooner you do become that better version of yourself.



Group Class Workout

Warm Up:  

3 rounds: 10 calorie machine, 15 PVC overhead squats, 20 situps

Finish with: 5 inchworms, 1 minute banded hip capsule distraction, 15 PVC pass throughs, 15 PVC good mornings


Strength: Front Squats (every 1:30)

Welded: 5×4, rising (adv.: overhead squat)

Welded Lean:  no strength





box jumps (24″/20″)




double unders

Adv: 30″/24″ box jumps

*15 minute time cap


Welded Lean:

5,000 meter row

2 minute rest

3,000 meter row

2 minute rest

1,000 meter row

*45 minute time cap


Mobility of the Day: Quad Smash (pg. 324)

Improves: Hip function, knee, hip, and lower back pain.