Workout for August 5th

Group Class Workout


Warm Up: Trainer Choice



4 Rounds (15 Minute Time Cap)

10 DB Strict Press, 1 Min Plank,

20 Lunges (your choice, jump switch, weighted, etc.)






Partner WOD

Buy In: 2K Row

10 Rounds (Alt Rds):

5 Pull ups

6 S2OH 115/80

7 DL 115/80


Adv: 1 rope climb instead of pull ups

Adv: 135/95



Welded Lean

14 Min AMRAP

Dead Hang :45 sec (pullup bar)

15 Box jumps 24/20

10 Toes to bar/Knee raises

200m Run


Record total reps. Run = 1 rep

Dead Hang = 1 rep


Mobility Of the Day:  10 Minutes! That is the goal today. Roll out and stretch muscles that are sore and tight.