Workout And Words For September 9th – Measurements

We are less than a week away until the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge and we are only 18 people away from hitting our goal of 60 members!  If you haven’t signed up yet go to and join us!  If you have signed up there are a couple things that you need to do before the challenge starts.  One of those things is to get your measurements and weight!

Getting your measurements and weight is one of the requirements of the challenge.  Starting this week we will begin with early measurements and weigh ins.  Sabrina will be doing all the measurements for the women and Joel or any other male trainer will be doing the measurements for the men.  We will be having a measurement and weigh in day on the 13th and 20th in which we will be measuring from 9am to 11am.

Body measurements and weight are due on September 29th, so make sure to get them early before you start losing all those LB’s!!  If you have any questions about the measurements requirements you can contact [email protected].





7×3 Bench Press (Every 1:30)-Increase in weight)


Warm Up:

15 medball slams, 25 pass throughs, 15 pushups, 2 lap run, 15 medball slams




12 Minutes AMRAP

15 Double Unders

8 Box Jumps 24/20

5 Thrusters @95/65



12 Min AMRAP

30 Singles

8 Step Ups

5 DB Thrusters



Pre – Anterior Compartment Smash (pg.264)

Post – Overhead Tissue Smash (pg. 255)




1 RM Box Jumps

Hand Stand Walks For Distance