Workout And Words For September 4th – 30+ and Counting!

Its official, as of today we have over 30 members signed up for the Lurong Paleo Challenge!  Our goal is to reach 60 members and with less than 12 days to sign up time is starting to run out!  If you are still on the fence we encourage you to visit and join Double Edge for the 8 week challenge!  To help with your decision i have included some questions that have been asked.

Is there a meal plan with it?

No, there is not a meal plan with the challenge but there is the plenty of information on the website to help you through understanding the in and outs of the paleo diet.


Do i have to record everything that i eat?

No, the only requirement of you is that you record 6 times a day with a simple CHEAT or CLEAN.  If you are not used to 6 meals in a day and usually only eat 3, then you can record CLEAN for the other 3 times as long as you are not snacking on non paleo treats!


What are the workouts?

The workouts are scaled for every fitness level and will be included in our daily workouts for each week of the 8 week challenge.


How does the challenge work?

During the 8 week Challenge you will be earning points through tracking your diet, performing 10 Challenge WODS, tracking personal goals, trying new Paleo recipes, and ultimately making improvements in your body measurements and performance. We will release the WODs throughout the challenge and athletes will record their results in the Challenge system. Affiliates will be judging the WODS according to our standards, and validating the entries in the Challenge system.

Affiliates will also take before and after body measurements which will be recorded and validated in the system. Throughout the challenge athletes will be tracking how CLEAN their diet is for each of 6 time periods for each day of the challenge. Each Challenge WOD has 3 Skill levels so you are sure to have an option that will be appropriate for you and to challenge you to go farther, push harder, and dig deeper. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with the Paleo diet. We will provide you with educational articles, nutritional tips, and paleo recipes to help you establish a new lifestyle.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the challenge please feel free to contact [email protected].  If not, then sign up and lets hit our goal of 60!!





Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



8×2 Front Squat @80% (Every 1:15)




14 Minute AMRAP

Buy In 35 Burpees to rig

1. Box Jumps 24/20

2. DB Snatches (65/35) (Alt)


Each Arm



14 Minute AMRAP

Buy In 30 Burpees to rig

1. Step Ups

2. DB Snatches (Alt)





Pre – Couch Mobilization (pg. 331)

Post – Lateral Compartment Smash (pg. 371)




Bar Muscle Ups

“THE” Rowing Challenge