Workout And Words For September 23rd – Paleo Pro Tips

“Paleo Pro Tips”

By Mitch Gritts

From my experience last year.
1) From an energy standpoint this Fri-Tue will likely be the most difficult. We’ve drastically cut carbs (some people more than others) and have burnt through our glycogen stores. During the metcon you might feel sluggish, or low energy in the afternoon. We normally replenish these glycogen stores easily with starchy carbs. Going strict paleo makes that difficult as the only allowable source is sweet potatoes/yams. A good way to fuel performance for a metcon is to eat some starchy carbs pre (1 hour prior) and post (as quickly as possible). Starchy carbs are higher in glycogen, your go to is yams/sweet potatoes. Fruit isn’t a great option because the main carbohydrate is fructose. The fructose to glycogen metabolic pathway isn’t as efficient as glucose to glycogen. Remember Lurong still recommends 150 grams carbohydrate for a 150 pound person.
On top of the decrease in carbohydrate intake, calorie intake has likely decreased. Be certain to still eat near your daily recommended caloric intake.
2) We all have a sweet tooth. My biggest recommendation is dehydrated mango or pineapple. Trader Joe’s sells both. Be sure to read the label to make sure there is no added sugar. Dates are very sweet and tasty. Homemade Larabars are great and easy ( You can use flavor extracts. My favorite was a chocolate mint and chocolate coconut larabar. Make sure to use 100% cacao powder.
3) Those of you that have a soda craving find yourself a fitaid or kill cliff. Both are decent, approved alternatives. Another option is Zevia, a naturally sweetened soda. They use stevia (listed as Reb a on the ingredients) and erythritol which are Lurong approved.  There are a few flavor options, be sure there are not food colorings etc. on the ingredients.
4) After week 2 paleo will become automatic. At that point you’ve decided to eat paleo 42 times (14 days at three meals a day). You’re well on your way to forming a habit. It will be those times you’re unprepared that’ll cause you to cheat. Woke up late and didn’t have time to pack a lunch…etc. Keep it simple and prepping will be easier and the likelihood of cheating will decrease.

5) Be careful if you do cheat. Last year a lot of folks that cheated were experienced physical & intestinal distress. You haven’t eaten these foods for a while, your gut fauna has changed and your body has gotten used to not eating grains/dairy. That large pizza may be calling your name, but there may be some seriously uncomfortable consequences.



Warm Up:

20 pass throughs, 20 walking lunges, 20 pass throughs, 10 walking lunges

20 medball slams

5×3 Front Squat @75% (Every 1:20)


Lurong WOD #2

The Olympian


20 Ground to OH

7 Bar Facing Burpees

15 Ground to OH

7 Bar Facing Burpees

10 Ground to OH

7 Bar Facing Burpees

5 Ground to OH

7 Bar Facing Burpees

MAX Reps Ground to OH



Pre – Super Couch Stretch

Post – 5 Minute Cool Down




Bar Muscle Ups/Kipping Pull Ups

The Kettle Bell Snatch/ Dumbell Snatch