Workout And Words For September 15th – Benefits of Supplementation

By Jacob Wellock


Hi everyone, I am going to be writing about supplementation and the products that us coaches like to use on a daily basis. If any of you have been in our gym, you know that we carry the entire line of Xendurance products. We are all firm believers in the product because we have tested all of them for a long time and have noticed the benefits of them, unlike some other companies that have been used in the past. I will be keeping the blog post short because in this blog I am only going to talk about one product and that is the Hydro-X.


It is an energy hydration drink. Just by looking at that sentence, we can infer that it is supposed to help keep the body hydrated. Things in where it is important to stay hydrated would, well obviously day-to-day life, but with exercise, performance training, anything with an active lifestyle, and it ALSO helps tremendously if you are a weekend warrior. When I say that, if you go out and drink with friends and want to avoid that awful hangover the next day, this is a great product to take to help you avoid that. It contains high quality electrolytes and lactate. They also use a patented hydration technology called Sustamine which is to help enhance the bioavailability of the product in the intestines and stimulate glycogen synthesis (what we call “energy”) and help promote the synthesis (“building” or “gains”) of muscle protein to help in the repair and recover of muscle tissue.


It has helped me a lot when I am training as far as staying hydrated by keeping the muscles ready to go so I feel stronger and less fatigued the next day, but like I said it has other uses. If I know drinks are going to be involved and I’m on my way to going to bed, I will take two to three scoops depending on how much alcohol was consumed and will feel much better the next day. Upon awakening I will take another scoop or two just to help me get up and moving faster than I normally would if I didn’t take it. When you drink you are building up acids in your system which is what makes you feel hungover the next day and this helps alleviate some of those acids in your system the next day.


In closing, if you are looking to help fuel your workouts, your performance, or your ability to go hard on the weekends, I highly recommend taking the Hydro-X because it will help with all of those things. Mom has told us all that staying hydrated is very important, that we need to drink our water. Well, just think of this stuff as water steroids, you know, without all the side effects. This will have you ready to go by adding in things your body already needs and helping it to process it the best way possible, with that said, it is the most bioavailable product for hydration on the market today. We carry it here at Double Edge Fitness and will be starting a program where you can get it 15% off every month. Stay tuned for news on that!







Warm Up:  

4 Minutes 30/30 hollow rocks, air squats

2 Rounds 7 burpees, 14 PVC PT, 14 lunges



Back Squat Every 90 seconds

2×3 @80%, 2×6 @70%







For Time:

4-6-8-6-4 PC 175/125

8-12-16-12-8 T2B

12-16-20-16-12 WBs 20/14


Advanced: Add 1-2-3-2-1 MUs


Welded Lean

For Time:

4-6-8-6-4 DL 175/125

8-12-16-12-8 T2B

12-16-20-16-12 WBs 20/14


Advanced: 205/140


Mobility of the day: Banded Bully (pg. 268)

Improves: Dip Position/Push up position/Shoulder Pain





8am to 9am





  • Step test
  • High pull test
  • test to measure balance of the body





6:30pm to 8pm with Coach Jacob

**All athletes must be cleared by Coach Jacob before entering this class