Workout and Words For May 8th – Beach WOD

The definition of Welded is “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity”.   The constantly varied functional movements is what makes Welded so appealing to so many people, and is also why you also seem to have a new kind of sore every week!
To make sure that we are keeping things fresh and always varied we are taking our workouts to the beach!  On June 6th we will be having the first ever Saturday Class at Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe! The beach WOD will begin at 9am on the sandy beaches of Kings Beach and will include basic functional movements with the addition of some light swimming.
After the workout we encourage everyone to stick around and have a relaxing day on the beach with you Double Edge community!  We will be bringing our large Double Edge tent for shade along with some snacks and drinks to share with everyone!  If you have any friends or family members who are interested in Welded, this would be the perfect time to introduce them to our community and the basic’s of Welded!
Starting next week we will have a sign up sheet at the front desk for all of those who are interested in joining us for Beach WOD 2015!  Keep an ear and eye out for updates about this event as the date becomes closer.  If you have any immediate questions you can contact [email protected].






Warm Up:

3 lap run, 10 inchworms

15 Kb Swings, 15 PVC PT, 15 Kb Swings

10 stretch lunges, 25 situps



Super Set 4 Rounds 7 Strict  Pull Ups /14 RingRows

12 KB High Pulls

4 Rounds 10 Push Ups 10 DB Tricep Extensions




Partner WOD

50 Thrusters @115/75

8 MU/BMU or 20 C2B or 30 Pullups

35 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95

8 MU/BMU or 20 C2B or 30 Pullups

20 Hang Cleans @155/105

8 MU/BMU or 20 C2B or 30 Pullups


Welded Lean

Partner WOD

1200m Run (Both run)

Then complete as a team.

75 cal Bike

1500m Row

  • Switch on machines after one partner completes 8 burpees and 25 hollow rocks.



Pre – Banded Heel Cord (pg. 385)

Post – Partner Quad Smash!