Workout And Words For May 11th – Double Edge Yoga

If you have ever owned a home you might have noticed that when you first got your home you had more space than you knew what to do with.  After a couple of years you then realize that you have quickly ran out of space to store anything and you wonder to yourself what happened to all of that room?
Well at Double Edge we had the same problem when we started to run out of room in our back storage.  What we then realized is that 90% of everything in our storage could be passed along, thrown away or reorganized!  After we did that we realized that we had almost a thousand square feet of space to work with!  So what did we decide on doing with all the extra space?  Make it into a yoga room of course!
Construction will begin next week on the yoga room and should be completed sometime this summer!  We are excited for the opportunity to provide yoga to our members and look forward to the completion of this project.
To help us provide the best possible yoga experience we will be sending out a survey on Monday May 11th to all members to get your feedback on class times and the type of yoga that we will be practicing.  Along with the survey we will make sure to post updates on the progress of the construction as well as the introduction of classes
We are excited to offer this as an option at Double Edge and we hope that construction goes smoothly so that we all can get a little more limber and become a little more peaceful!
If you have any questions regarding the yoga program please contact [email protected]


Warm Up:


4 burpees, 8 kb swings, 12 air squats


15 Rounds

1 Power Clean @80% (Every  35 seconds)

Lean: 3 Deadlifts



50 Wall Balls 20/14

40 Toes to Bar

30 Power Cleans 135/95

20 Pullups

10 Deadlifts 225/145

150 Double Unders

Every 2 minutes 3 burpees

Start with burpees

20 Minute time cap

Welded Lean
60 Ab Mat Situps50 Wall Balls 20/1440 Plank to Pushup

30 Toes to Bar

20 Cals

100 Double Unders

Every 2 minutes 3 burpees

Start with burpees

20 Minute time cap



Pre – Executive Hip Stretch (pg. 313)

Post – Banded Hamstring stretch on the back





8 to 9 AM