Workout And Words For June 12th – The Sustainable Journey


The Sustainable Journey


Hi everyone, here I am in day 4 of this journey that I decided to take a week ago. For those of you that don’t know me, I am one of the owners at Double Edge Fitness and I would like to say that I have one of the best jobs that you could ask for. I get to work with my brother and my closest friends all day. When you are in that kind of environment and have that energy going around, you conjure up some life changing stuff! Join me for the ride!


I have always wanted to be an athlete my entire life and with that, you have to make some sacrifices and in some cases, sacrifices that make you lose touch with family, with friends, and you push aside other opportunities for something that may or may not happen. I am in a position where I have my livelihood set up, family and friends by my side, and an awesome girlfriend. Now why would I want to sacrifice those things? Well I wouldn’t and I have tried. Every time I have gone full bore to adopt the up and coming athlete lifestyle, something always gets pushed to the side. Opportunities are lost that you don’t get back and you have to take a step back and ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” Now I’m in a position where I can train every day, sometimes twice a day to become the best Welded athlete that I can be. For those of you that knew me before I came to learn what this sport of fitness was, my athletic endeavors were, Baseball, Motocross which was my ultimate passion (where many sacrifices were made), Boardercross racing which was also very important to me, to now this, a sport of fitness. Any sport that I have worked for, I always seemed to enjoy the ‘training’ part of it, for example the actual physical workouts I did for it, I enjoyed just as much as the sport itself. So when I stumbled upon Welded, it took me about a month to realize that I was falling in love with it. It is, in my opinion, the only physical sport that taps into so many different facets of human functionality, that you can achieve things left and right that at one point you thought were impossible. When you look at it that way, it is pretty damn cool.


In this athletic pursuit of mine, the hardest part has always been consistent healthy eating. Every time I try and go full omnivore and eat only some meats and enough vegetables that would make a cow think twice about scarfing down another mouthful of those leefy greens, I last about two or three weeks and hate it. Then I say “hell with this” and go and have some beers and some ice cream and the occasional vegetable. It’s like my food hormones are all over the place and I need some variation of Midol to help suppress this emotional food roller coaster that I’m on. So it dawned on me last week that every time I did this, it was not ‘sustainable’ what I was doing. That is when my sustainable journey popped into my head. If I limited things that I knew were not good for me and added in more things that were, I would do pretty well. On the plus side, I wouldn’t hate it either. When it’s broken down, it really is not that hard to be healthy. Everyone knows stuffing your face with a dozen doughnuts is not good for you and a salad is. Cut out more of the bad stuff and add in more of the good, especially when most of us go weekend warrior mode and go to town on the things that taste well and lots of times regret it afterward, but then do it again the following weekend.


With this journey, I really just want to show people and myself, the difference you can have in your life if you make small ‘sustainable’ changes consistently and stay true to it. That this is not a diet this is a lifestyle. Most of the people I talk to, after 30 days of doing a diet, they go right back to what they were doing before they started it. Now, not everyone is the same, but a lot of people that I talk to are in the same boat as me. I just want to try and reach out and help some people with what I am doing. Over the next 30 days I am going to show you that it is possible. Even if this inspires one person, it will make everything worth it and if not, I will keep pushing on to do just that!






Warm Up:

3 Rounds

10 Kb Swings, 5 inchworms, 10 PVC good mornings

Finish with: 15 V-ups, 20 situps, 15 hollow rocks



50 Straight Leg DL w/ KB Deficit

4×10 DB Lawn Mower Each Side

50 Weighted Sit Up





Partner WOD

80 Cal Bike

40 Front Squats @155/105

10 MU/25 C2B/40 PU

80 Cal Row

40 Power Cleans @155/105

10 MU/25 C2B/40 PU


Welded Lean

Partner WOD

80 Cal Bike

400m (Both)

80 Med Ball Slams 20/16

90 Second Plank (Both)

80 Cal Row

400m Run (Both)

80 Wall Balls 20/14



Pre – Single leg flexion (pg. 303)

Post – Partner Quad Smash!