Workout And Words For July 2nd – Jacob’s Sustainable Journey Part 3

The Sustainable Journey Part 3

By: Jacob Wellock


Well here we go with another blog post for week 3! I hope everyone has been enjoying the posts. I have to say that I have been having fun with it. There are definitely some hard days when you’re really out of it or you are just too tired to make food when you get home due to the long day. I am not trying to use that as an excuse, but I am human and falter from the plan a little bit. There is still another week to go yet!

I have to say, there have only been some slight modifications in my diet and training and I already feel better internally. You can’t really hide from soreness and achiness from training, especially when you treat it like a sport. There is a distinct difference between doing Welded for health and fitness and doing it for performance. It takes a beating on you. Currently I am pretty beaten, which I think any athlete goes through, but right now I have been finding it very hard to stay motivated and the fire I had for training and lifting heavy is subsiding. I am in a funk right now, which I will get out of, but it sucks because it is what I love to do. Spending more time mobilizing and just taking a step back, changing things up and even taking some time off, I think will be good for me. It’s hard to take time off when you bust your ass to try and get where you are going, but sometimes you have to be patient and calm to keep your head above the quick sand. Which is what I need to do, because the harder I fight right now, the deeper I am sinking. Having fun and enjoying this is why I started it and I just need to find that again. Like I said, I will find that again, I don’t have another option. You don’t just quit when things get hard; you reevaluate things and fix the problem. Life can be hard, but if you let it beat you then you will have a very hard time coming back. Never let it beat you down, whether it’s your job, your studies, diet, training, family issues, whatever it is, never ever let it beat you down. You were once on the path with nothing to stop you, but when you get knocked down, what is your natural instinct? To get your ass back up again.

Like I said, I am in a funk right now, but I WILL get out of it. I urge you to do the same if you are being faced with any challenges right now. Never let it beat you, because deep down, there is a little kid that used to be you and had all the imagination and drive in the world to make the most of life. It’s up to your adult self to act on your child like ambitions and grab life by the horns and never let it beat you down, because it will try. It is up to you to come out on top, so what is it going to be? Sink, or rise above the quick sand?






Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



Back Squats OR Overhead Squats

6×3 Increase in weight Start at 65-70%

Every 1:30



Welded/Welded Lean


For Time:

50-40-30-20-10 DU

10-8-6-4-2 DL 205/140

20-16-12-8-4 Box Jumps 24/20



Pre – Couch Super Stretch (pg. 331)

Post – Anterior Shin Smash With Lacrosse Ball





8am to 9am





Core Work

GHD Sit Ups

Double Unders




MOBILITY CLASS – 5:30 to 6:45

Introduction to “Mobs and Yogs”





Warm Up:  Sabrina’s Choice


Skills of the Month: Jerks

Working on technique of:

3 sets of 5 push

3 sets of 5 split



Ten minute time cap.

Increasing by 3

DB Thrusters

Pull ups


Rest 2 mins then:

50 kb swings