Workout and Words For August 6th – A Yoga Story

A Yoga Story

By: Savina Brown


“Yoga? I tried it once, but it wasn’t for me.”

“Don’t you need to be flexible to do yoga? I can barely touch my toes.”


When I inquire about one’s yoga experience, I can almost always guarantee I will receive some variation of either of these responses. The funny thing is that I, myself now a yoga instructor, have even used a version of these in my pre-yoga days. We all seem to have the misconception that all yoga is the same and that you need to be some kind of Cirque du Soleil performer in order to do it. Neither of these is true! But I’ve been there, in those very shoes, and believed the same thing.


My yoga journey began in high school, taking a few classes here and there at the gym because it seemed like the “hip” thing to do between playing sports. I probably took a total of 3 classes and found myself bored and not wanting to go back, so I went on a hiatus for a few years. Then as a sophomore in college, I took a quarter-credit yoga class because my coach recommended it as a good way to stretch it out. It was a great way to loosen my stiff, tired, and overworked muscles, but I still wasn’t sold on the idea. It wasn’t until 3 years later when I was working for lululemon athletica that I found my true passion for yoga. Being a yoga-clothing brand, they encourage their employees to try different styles of yoga to acquaint themselves with the yoga community. And, it’s for this experience I am so grateful because I wouldn’t be where I am now. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have guessed this would be my path. However, today I will tell you that yoga has completely transformed my life in a way I never would have imagined.


So, let go of the idea that yoga isn’t for you. Yoga can be for everyone. It’s about finding the style that speaks to your mind, body, and soul. If one style doesn’t fit you, try another just as you would a pair of jeans. And, stop believing you need to be able to contort your body into crazy shapes in order to do yoga. Yoga is for all flexibility and strength levels just like Crossfit. Remember the first time you did a clean and how awkward and discombobulated it felt? Yoga might feel like that the first couple times, but I encourage you to give it a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised






Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



Welded: Find 3RM Front Squat-14 Minutes

Lean: 6×5 Front Squat @60%






Power Cleans 175/125

After each set :

25 DU

25 Air Squats

Advanced: 195/135


Welded Lean


Deadlifts 185/125

After each set:

25 DU

25 Air Squats

Advanced: 205/140



Pre – Super Front Rack (pg.260)

Post – Posterior Chain Smash w/lacrosse ball (pg. 348)





8am to 9am





  • Hand Stand Push ups
  • Shoulder accessories









Warm up:

2 minutes on rower then:

2 rounds of

10 air squats

10 mountain climbers

10 jumping lunges

10 burpees


Skill of the month: Toes to bar

Toes to bar progression

10-15 minutes


Core work:

3 rounds of 1 min max effort

ab mat sit ups

heel touches

flutter kicks



“TABATA Something Else”