Workout And Words For August 26th – Save Yourself The Pain

Save Yourself The Pain

By: Joel Cochran

Almost daily i receive the same question… What can i do to help the pain in my back, knee, ankle, hip etc etc.   My question that i always ask back is when does it start to hurt and how much mobility do you do in a day?  People are quick to tell me what movements cause that pain but soon after that there is silence!  Why?  Because most people think that if they don’t pay attention to the pain that it will magically disappear.  So what is the usual answer for how much mobility someone does in a day?  Not enough….

As much as we would like to blame every element possible for our aches and pains including genetics and the shoes we wear the real blame lies on ourselves.  Yes, you and only you are responsible for the pain you put yourself in!  Lets start with step number one, mechanics.

Before we start looking through the Supple Leopard for our answers we need to take a look at our mechanics.  Lets take knee pain for example.  If we find that the front of our knee always seems to hurt after squats, we might want to take a look at our mechanics of the squat.  Are we maintaining a vertical shin?  Are we pushing our hamstrings back and engaging our posterior chain?  Are we creating ample torque to stabilize the knee throughout the entirety of the squat?  If we answer no to any of these questions then you most likely have the answer to your knee pain right there!  Poor mechanics under load or volume will eventually wreck havoc on your joints, ligaments and tendons.  Step number 1, make sure you have proper mechanics!

After you have recognized and fixed your poor mechanics the next step is commit to mobility.  First you must address your aches and pains and attack those first.  Secondly you must look at your restrictions in positions and go after fixing those.  Lastly you should mobilize for the workout, pre and post.  Imagine your mobility as a dart board with the bulls eye being your pain, the second ring being your restrictions and the last ring being the mobility for the day.

What does all this mean? Its means that you truly have to commit to your body by taking care of yourself through mobility!  15 to 20 minutes a day is the minimum that we should do.  If you are not sure what you need to do then come to Mobility class this Thursday where we will be making a 7 day mobility plan customized to your problems and your needs!

Becoming pain free starts and ends with you!




Warm Up:

3 lap run, 15 goblets squats, 20 situps, 10 PVC Good mornings



5×3 Back Squat (Increase in Weight) Every 90 Seconds


12 Minute AMRAP

10 Toes to Bar

8 Shoulder to OH @115/75

After 3 Rounds go to


*Coach approval needed



12 Min AMRAP

12 K2E/V-ups

8 DB Push Press



Pre – Hip External Rotation w/Flexion (pg. 310)

Post – Overhead w/External Rotation Bias (pg.258)




Unbroken Double Under Practice

Linking Toes To Bars

Squat Clean Thruster