Workout And Words For August 22nd – Moving “Your” Weight

Written By Kyle Hemsley

At Double Edge we constantly preach safety and efficiency.  Our primary goal is to first get our members to move safely and efficiently before adding speed and/or increasing the load.  This is why each potential new member is required to complete an initial assessment before joining our gym.  Welded sometimes carries a negative connotation because many boxes have the mentality of “forget form, move faster.”  This approach, of course, increases the likelihood of injury.

            It is our duty to teach our members proper mechanics first then make sure they possess sufficient mobility, stability, motor control and skill.  Once these key aspects have reached an adequate level then we allow our members to add speed and/or load (weight) within reason.  It is very important that people, especially those new to Welded, compete with themselves only.  There is no need to worry about what weight the person next to you is doing.  Strive to be the best you can be and do it in a safe manner.

            I think many people in the “Welded Community” forget to listen to their body.  Whether your goal is to make it to the Welded Games or just to simply use Welded as a way to improve your quality of life outside of the gym, it is a process and it does not happen over night.  The Rx weights on the board are the suggested or prescribed weights for Welded competitors.  These weights are chosen to create a level playing field and used to measure fitness when it is applied competitively.

Nobody should ever feel pressured to use a certain weight if it is not right for you or the risk for injury is high.  The same goes for performing highly skilled movements (e.g. Clean & Jerk) at high speed for a large number of repetitions.  If you are not comfortable with Clean & Jerking and are not reasonably sufficient at it when doing singles at a light weight not for time, it is not very intelligent to perform the movement at a high speed, for a high number of reps, at Rx (prescribed) weight.  This is exactly why we have a dynamic and foundational workout.  Instead of doing a Clean & Jerk that day maybe you will be doing kettlebell swings and if you decide you really want to improve your Clean & Jerk you can attend our weightlifting class where everything is slowed down and we have a full hour to work on the movement!

            Be patient with yourself and understand your limitations.  Our instructors will clearly be able to tell if you are sandbagging it and will tell you to move faster or put more weight on the bar; however, we would rather see you moving slower and more efficiently with lighter weight than seeing a crescent moon every time you deadlift!  The take home from this is to move your own weight, nobody else’s.



Warm Up:

3 lap run around gym, 15 Pushups, 20 airsquats


30 Wide Grip Pull Ups (Strict) 70 Banded Good Mornings

50 Banded Leg Curls 2 Minute Plank




Partner Workout 22 Minute Time Cap

2 Rounds

800 Meter Run (Together)

30 Burpee Box Jumps Alt.

50 KB Swings @53/35

30 Front Squats @95/65



Partner Workout 22 Minute Time Cap

2 Rounds

800 Meter Run (Together)

20 Burpee Step Ups

40 KB Swings

30 Goblet Squats


Pre – Mobility of Choice

Post – Super Friend Calf Smash




Test Day For All Competitors