Workout and Words For August 18th – #DECFlag Contest Week 2 Winner

We want to congratulate Monica for being our week 2 winner of the #DECFlag contest!  Monica won a 6 month yoga membership along with a Lululemon yoga mat, yoga block and carrying strap.   Monica was able to convince some brave man to wear the Double Edge American flag shirt during a Rodeo to make us look tougher than we really are!

Thank you to everyone who continues to participate in the #DECFlag contest!  We have seen some great photo’s posted by our members in which you can see for yourself by searching on your Instagram page #DECFlag.  If you don’t have an Instagram page but still want to participate just send over your picture to [email protected] and he will get it up on the page!  Remember you can post as many times in a week as you want so get out there and get clicking!

Moving into week 3 we have stepped up the game with the prize of the week so you can step up yours!  This weeks prize is a performance package that includes the new Nano 5’s, a rogue speed jump rope, Xendurance fuel 5, a shaker bottle, Natural grips and 3 1 hour technique sessions!  This package is guaranteed to help you step up your #gains!  So get your shirt on or head to the front desk and grab one of the FREE Double Edge stickers and get out into the world!  We can’t wait to see what you have in store next!






Warm Up:  

4 Min 40/20 machine Get Warm!

3 Rounds 15 PVC PT, 10 push ups, 10 KB Swings



Bench Press 6×4 Increase in weight

Lean: 6×6 Increase in weight

Every 1:40 *After every set 15 V-Ups





Front Squat 95/65

Hand Release Pushups




FS 115/75 and/or C2B


Welded Lean


Front Rack Lunges 95/65


Med Ball Slams 20/16


Mobility of the day: Anterior Compartment Smash (pg.

Improves: Pressing/Front Rack/ Shoulder and Neck Pain





8am to 9am





– Sled Fun!!





6:30pm to 8pm with coach Jacob

** Athletes must be approved by coach Jacob before entering this class