Workout And Words For April 28th – Xendurance Challenge

When walking into a Welded gym there are two things that you are almost guaranteed to see, a barbell and a shaker bottle.  Whether its before the workout or after, the shaker bottle can be heard and seen throughout any Welded gym with the hope that its contents will help to prepare or recover from the WOD at hand!  But does supplementation really work?  Is one supplement better than the other?  Most importantly is it worth your money?

On Wednesday you will have your chance to  get all of these questions answered and more from our friend Spencer of Xendurance Supplements.   Spencer is a highly knowledgeable and personable representative from Xendurance who will be here from 4pm til closing handing out the best in Xendurance supplements and answering any questions you might have.

Xendurance has an excellent reputation in the fitness community mostly because it works!  Xendurance has tested and retested their product in different fields of fitness and each time it has shown positive results!  One of their recent studies was done at a Welded gym where they did a double blind study of athletes completing Fran before they took Xendurance and once again 2 weeks later, the results were undeniable!  To see the entire study click HERE

So naturally we are going to test this theory ourselves (and by ourselves I really mean everyone!), except we wont be doing Fran we will be completing this test by doing Karen!  The test will be completed next Monday on May 4th and will be included in all workouts throughout the day.  If you want to be part of this test to see for yourself if Xendurance really works  we will be offering a special one time deal of 25% off all Extreme Endurance products for the first 10 members who sign up at the front desk!   After 2 weeks we will retest Karen again and see what the results are!

If you have any questions about Xendurance you can contact [email protected] and if you have any questions about the sale or the test you can contact [email protected].






Warm Up:  

2 min machine Get WARM!

20 scorpions, 20 air squats, 10 stretch lunges, 20 situps, 20 pushups



14×1 Front Squat @80% (Every 40 seconds)




6 Rounds For Time

10 KB Swings @70/44

10 TTB

10 Cal Bike


Welded Lean

2 Rounds For Time:

1000 Meter Row

20 Burpees

30 Russian Twists Each Side 20/16



Pre – Hip Capsule (pg. 315)

Post – Couch Stretch (pg. 331)





4 x 1200m Run

* 400m walk recovery after each 1200m





2 Min Bike Test

Toes To Bars

DB Snatch