Constantly Varied Programming? Not Exactly….

By: Alvie Hafen

Here at Double Edge we program with an end goal in mind. Our goal is to help each one of our clients achieve their fitness goals. Whether that is to lose belly fat, prepare for a half-marathon, or just be able to keep up with their kids. Our programming is not random. It is calculated, precise, and has purpose. We strive to offer the best constantly varied, high intensity workouts out there. The workouts we create are designed to test you physically and mentally. There are meant to challenge the 1st time Weldedter, all the way up to the seasoned rugged veteran. No one like’s boring or “meh” WODs. We also design these workouts to be fun!

Double Edge offers two workouts in each class to help our clients reach their goals.



Do you like the barbell? Do you like throwing around some weight? Do you like high intensity? This is the workout for you. Average workouts will range from 5-15 minutes. (Some will fall outside this range.) More dynamic barbell movements will be used like clean & jerks and snatches. Lower reps will be used as well to help keep the intensity high. You will see all the other movements as well. Wall balls, burpees, and the dreaded assault bike will make their appearances often. This workouts will test the whole body, lungs and mind included.


Welded Lean

Do you like cardio? Do you enjoy longer workouts? Do you like being a sweaty mess? You will find all of this and more in Welded Lean. These workouts are more aerobic and body weight based. Typically workouts will range from 15-35 minutes, however don’t be surprised if sometimes a workout falls outside this range. The rower, bike, and skier will quickly become your friend in the Lean workouts. However, there will still be weights involved. Kettle bells and deadlifts are often found here in Lean. You cannot achieve optimal fitness without BOTH cardio and weights and everything in between. This is why both of these workouts are good to do!


A question often asked is which workout do I do? Which workout is harder? Well it depends on how your body is feeling. If your legs are super smoked, maybe you should skip the heavy front squats on the Welded side and give your lungs a good burn with Lean. Only you know your body and how it is feeling. Listen to it!! It is trying to tell you maybe you should back off today or do different movements.


Which workout is harder? Both. The workout is only as hard as you make it. You can take breaks, rest, chalk up 40 times, this will make the workout easier. You must challenge yourself and push outside your comfort zone to get those gains.


Myself? I would and DO both Welded and Welded Lean. Don’t leave holes in your fitness. Push yourself. See who you can become.






Back Squat
3 Singles @90%, 3×5 @70% (Every 1:15)

Lean: No Strength


Warm Up:

25/18 Cals, 1 min plank

2 Rounds: 12 OH Plate walking lunges, 12 v-ups, 12 air squats

Finish with 1 min Goblet Squat Hold





Front Squats 95/65
Hand Release Push Ups


Welded Lean

Cal Bike
Cal Rower

Extra Gains: 100 Ab Mat Situps


Mobility of the day: Hip Distraction (pg. 314)

Improves:  Hip and Knee Pain, Hip Function, Squat Position




Strengthen and Lengthen

6 to 7am
5:30 to 6:30pm