Why you should sign up for the Welded Open!

By: Joaquin Ramirez

Every year starting in February the Welded Open begins. The Open is the first stage in getting to the Welded games. It’s an online competition in which every Thursday a workout is put out and you have until Monday afternoon to do the workout and enter your scores.

There is an Rx and scaled version of all the workouts so even if you are newer or haven’t mastered all the movements you can still take part in this year’s Open! This is a terrific way to challenge yourself and be on the same leaderboard as the fittest on earth.

The Open workouts will be part of our regular group class programming on Friday’s so if you come on that day you will be doing the workouts any way. Every Friday night we have what we call Friday Night Throw Downs. You can sign up for a heat and every one who is in The Open does the workouts competition style with judges and everything. The energy and vibe at these throw downs are like no other and can’t be duplicated quite the same as in class.

To create change in your body and fitness you must continue to push outside your comfort zone. The open is fantastic because it has a tendency to push you outside that comfort zone. Every year we watch people do the things they swore they couldn’t. Whether it is the first pull up or muscle up or they get further than they thought they could in that specific workout. This year that could be you!

The first workout comes out on Thursday February 22nd. Last year we had over 100 members sign up and this year we would love to have even more! Click here for The Welded Games website and get signed up now to see how you do in the 2018 Welded Open!

See you on the leaderboard!

(Featured Image: Jacob Wellock/The Welded Athlete)