Why is it Harder to Stick to My Nutrition Plan During Summertime?

By: Tammy Hamilton

Do you find it harder to stick to your Nutrition Plan during summer months as opposed to winter months? You are not alone!

With the warmer weather comes more outdoor activities, weddings, vacations, gatherings with friends & family and events going on around town. Which usually means alcohol and food, that are likely not on your nutrition plan!

Instead of feeling guilty or feeling like you’ve failed when you eat outside of your nutrition plan, use my 90% rule. Use that 10% to treat yourself during these times when you know you will be unable to follow your nutrition plan. For example; if you eat 5 meals a day (3 meals, 2 snacks) that equates to 35 meals per week. 90% of 35 is roughly 32 so you can have a treat meal 3 times during the week if you want to stick to the 90% rule.

Now, I didn’t say to overindulge! Make sure you are still making good choices. Just because you are going to treat yourself to Food Truck Friday doesn’t mean you want to eat two cheeseburgers with fries, have 4 beers and ice cream for dessert. Remember to treat yourself in moderation. Maybe you’ll have a cheeseburger with a side salad and stick to a glass or two of wine, light beer or clear liquor.

Will straying from your nutrition plan delay your progress? Yes. But you also can’t be that person at the party that is hiding in the corner not eating the birthday cake because you are on a ‘diet’. It’s a fine balance. You want to make your Nutrition Plan a lifestyle change which means events and vacations will come up and you have to know how to manage it and work it into your Nutrition Plan.

If you need help making a manageable Nutrition Plan, reach out to us! We are always here to help.

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