What’s in your Gut?

No I’m not talking about digging deep into your gut to get that last rep before time is up or getting that PR. I’m talking about something that is not for the weak of stomach, no pun intended. I’m talking about the bacteria(bugs) that make up your digestive system.

Did you know that in our bodies bacteria outnumber our cells 10 to 1, with the majority of them, over 100 trillion, residing in our intestines. We have a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria as they aid in the breakdown of nutrients from our food that we would otherwise not be able to digest. These include Vitamins like B and K, amino acids and glycans (sugars). These bacteria also protect us from ‘bad’ bacteria and germs and influence our moods.

We underplay the importance that our gut bacteria (gut biome) have to our well being through our germ a phobic ways. Almost all the packaged foods we eat have been sterilized to maintain shelf life. Dairy is ultra pasteurized at 280dF killing all good and bad bacteria. The majority of what we eat no longer supports or helps the growth and development of our gut biome. This is probably the reason why so many of us have digestion issues, lactose intolerance, or frequent colds and flus.

There are many things you can do to get your gut in tip-top shape. The easiest and quickest is probiotic pills, the refrigerated ones. This is a great option to help replenish your gut biome especially after coming off antibiotics. Long term it’s a pretty static supply of bacteria. It’s important to supply your gut with a varied diet of good bacteria by eating raw vegetables and fruits. Exposing these foods to high temperatures and microwaving will kill the good bacteria. Eat yogurt. Eat fermented foods found in the refrigerated section, like sauerkraut or pickles. If you’re a dairy lover look for dairy pasteurized at low temperatures (~150dF) and aged cheese, not processed. Drink Kombucha. Just know if the food comes in a package and sits on a shelf it has been sterilized of any good bacteria for your gut.

I have only touched on this subject. If you have any questions or comments feel free to respond to this blog or contact me at [email protected].




Group Class Workout


Warm Up: 3Rds: 12 Goblet Squats, :30 sec plank, 7 Burpees


Finish with: 10 stretch lunges, 20 scorpions, 15 PVC PT GM


Strength: Back Squat 6×3 75%

Sets 1-3 every 50 seconds, 4-6 every 1:20

:50, 1:40, 2:30, 3:50, 5:10, 6:30






15 Minute EMOM

  1. 15 Ring Rows

Adv: 2/1 Rope Climbs


  1. 40 Second Plank/L-Sit/Handstand Hold


  1. 10 Dips

Welded Lean

For Time:

50 Wall Balls 20/14

1/.8 Mile Bike

800 Meter Run

40 Wall Balls 20/14

.8/.6 Bike

800 Meter Run

30 Wall Balls 20/14

(Go for unbroken last 30 WB)


Mobility Of the Day: Glute Smash (pg. 300)

Improves: Low Back and Hip Pain, Knee Out Position