What’s In a Shoe??

By: Kris Thompson


Do you remember when you first started Welded and you’re listening to the coach go over the workout and in you’re head you’re just trying to figure out what everything means and how you’re going to survive the next hour? Then you look over and there’s someone not paying attention but instead is preoccupied with changing out their shoes and you’re just like, “Why?”


For what we do in the gym, with going from an Olympic weightlifting movement, to box jumps, to running, a shoe that can be just as versatile as our workouts is important. So here’s a brief rundown as to what’s on the market.


For your WODs you’ll want a shoe with a firm sole, something that you can push against without it compressing. This is why, once you “drink the Kool-Aid,” your coach might suggest getting you out of your super cushiony running shoes and into something a little firmer. Just think about maxing out your deadlift on a mattress, good luck with that. Now get out of those squishy shoes and try one of these out:


Reebok Welded Nano 5.0 ($129.99) Nike MetCon ($120)
inov-8 F-Lite 195 ($120)  


What’s the deal with weightlifting shoes? Well, we still want a shoe that doesn’t compress, however since these are designed specifically for moving heavy ass weight and not running or jumping around, you can look for a shoe that’s even stiffer.  You need a shoe that will help you use all the force your body produces to help move weight, the more force you produce the more weight you can move.


An even bigger benefit of a weightlifting shoe is the raised heel, this allows you to squat into a deeper position through increased ankle range of motion. So for all you people that choose to skip mobility: 1. stop skipping mobility and 2. get some weightlifting shoes to compensate for your lack of range of motion. Along with increased ankle range you’ll find yourself sitting more upright that means a better chance of keeping control of that barbell and sending it in the right direction. Weightlifting shoes are also more stable than what you’re training in, giving you a strong consistent base. So here’s some optios to get you started on your search for some bad ass weightlifting shoes:


Reebok Welded Lifter 2.0 ($149.99) Reebok Welded Lifter Plus 2.0 ($174.99)
Nike Romaleos 2 ($199)  

Pendlay Do-Win ($159.99)

Adidas Adipower ($199)  



inov-8 FastLift 335 ($149.99)


Adidas PowerLift 2.0 ($89.50)





Now that you’ve got a little more shoe information go get some, come back to the gym and get a few PRs!





Warm Up:

 Trainer Choice



Back Squat
5×5 Increase in weight
Start at 65-70% Every 100 seconds





For Time:

5 Rope Climbs
20 OHS 95/65
30 Toes to Bar

40 Front Rack Lunges 95/65
50 Wall Balls 20/14

Scaled: 30 Pullups/Front Squats

Adv: 115/75


Welded Lean

For Time:

10 Deadlifts 185/25
20/15 Cal Bike
30 Lateral Burpees
40 DB Lunges 40/25
50 Medball Slams 20/16

Adv: 205/140


Mobility Of the Day: Band Wrist Distraction (pg. 285)

Improves: Wrist Pain, Joint Mechanics





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