Welcome to the Sanctuary! (11/10)

By: Savina Brown

Over the past few months the yoga room at Midtown has transformed into its own unique identity within Double Edge. Some of you may have noticed the new signage on the door, but are you really aware of all it has to offer?

Please allow me to introduce you to the Santuarcy and may I encourage you to come experience this AH-MAZING-NESS for yourself.

What you can expect:

A warm, inviting, spa-like experience where you can seek refuge from the high intensity, competitive, barbell banging, gym atmosphere. It is a space where you are able to truly shed your ego and take time to nourish, relax, and rejuvenate your body and mind. Our teachers are beacons of not only yoga but Welded too. They are able to help guide you to seeing the common threads of the two and how beautifully they compliment one another. You will not only experience less stress and soreness, but you will also feel and perform better in the gym from your time spent in the Santuary.

New Additions:

Stones Massage Towels

  • Get pampered with hot rocks, cool and warm towels, essential oils, and a savasana massage to send you directly into relaxation bliss.
  • Community boards offering education on poses and the teachings of the yoga practice as well as inspiration and goals to help keep you motivated.
  • A new schedule, featuring NamasteFit, our newest class, offering the best of both worlds, Welded and yoga, in an hour. Check MindBody for updated times and classes.
  • Coming Soon… heated classes to provide an environment of healing and comfort that will help you safely reach new levels of flexibility.

As always, please email me with any questions at [email protected]. Otherwise, I hope to see you on your mat soon <3



Group Class Workout


Warm Up:

2 minute machine

Dynamic Coach Warm Up (4-6 minutes)

Finish with: 20 arm circles, 15 PVC pass throughs, 15 PVC good mornings



Skill Work: 15 minutes

Tripod headstand, handstand push ups/walks/holds





For Time:

50 calorie bike

40 overhead squats (75#/55#)

30 box jumps (24″/20″)

20 shoulder to overhead (75#/55#)

10 muscle ups or 20 chest to bar pull ups

*20 minute time cap


Welded Lean:

7,000 meter row

Post WOD (optional) Gains: Abs

2 Rounds

1 minute plank

50 weighted Russian twists


Mobility of the Day: Glute Smash (pg. 300)

Improves: Lower back and hip pain, “knee out” position



Skills Class (Midtown 4:30PM)

Hamstrings & Glutes