Valuable Lessons

I want to share something a little personal to me because I think stories like this provide valuable lessons to everybody no matter who you are. I have a cousin named Jorie who is about to be a freshman in high school. Unfortunately, she isn’t going to have the same “high school experience” like many of us had. My cousin is severely autistic, but has the best personality I’ve ever seen. She has the most kind heart and is really a beautiful soul. Having her as a part of my life has taught me to appreciate the small things. Appreciate being able to go to a dance, to football games, to the gym, really just about everything. Appreciate having the ability to learn. Most of us all have a future to look forward to. We will someday live on our own and have a family of our own, but she will not get that. And as I sit here writing this it makes me really emotional because I don’t believe it’s fair. But our family would not be the same if she wasn’t the way she is. She is one outgoing and hilarious little girl. The beautiful thing is that she doesn’t care what she looks like or care about materialistic things, because she doesn’t know better. I feel like we should be more like that. So this is just a little reminder to appreciate the little things in life. We often take for granted so many things that we should all be grateful for. So today take a second to think about some things you are thankful for.
Xoxo Morgan
Group Class Workout
Warm Up: 25/20 Cal, 20 KBS Russian, 15 Pushups

Finish with: 20 leg swings, 20 scorpions, 20 arm circles, 15 PVC PT, GM



10-8-6-4-2  Every 1:45

Increasing Weight





For Time:

Buy In: 0.6/0.4 Miles Bike
4 Rounds:

7 Deadlifts 185/125

50 Double Unders
Adv: 225/145


Welded Lean

5 Rounds (35 Min Time Cap)

5 Burpees to Plate

10 OH Plate Lunges 45/25

15 Heel Touch over Plate Each side

20 Superman Back Ext.  

25 DB Thrusters (25/15)

30 Double Unders

*Finish with 50 V-ups

Mobility Of the Day: Glute Smash (pg. 300)

Improves: Low Back and Hip Pain, Knee Out Position


Skills: 6 pack in the making