Tiffanie Michael

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Coach Alvie. This is an amazing transformation, great job Tiffanie! Keep up the awesome work!

“This is Tiffanie. She has been with Double Edge now for a little over 5 months. Tiffanie is the mother of a 1 year old and a full time manager at Olive Garden. She does class 4-5 times a week, works 1 on a with me, and runs twice a week as well. She is proof that if you work hard and you are consistent, your goals will happen. She has already lost over 30lbs and 8 inches!
Her goals:
Weigh 185lbs by December 31st
Run a half marathon in February.
She is well on her way. Tiffanie as your coach I’m proud of you and the effort you have put in. Keep it going. Well done Tiffanie!”
– Coach Alvie