Tier Testing (6/21/18)

You’re not going to want to miss class today as it’s a “Tier Testing” day!

If you are new or need a refresher as to what the Tier System is and why we do them check out the original post on the topic by clicking here.


Warm Up:
2 Rounds
500 meter row
10 PVC pass throughs
20 death march steps
10 side plank rotations (each side)

Welded (Tier Testing):
Tier 4
choose 2-3 movements
Tier 3
choose 2-3 movements
Tier 2
75% body weight snatch
10 alternating pistols (under 1:00)
2 rope climbs (under 1:00)

Welded Lean:
35 minute AMRAP
400 meter run
10 single arm kettlebell hang snatches (each arm)
10 burpees
10 lunges (each leg)
10 med. ball slams