Test/Retest: “Cindy” and 2K Row Results

By: Joaquin Ramirez

As most of you know we have been retesting workouts for a while and I just wanted to share some of those results with you:

For “Cindy” the average male score improved by 64 reps, that’s two whole rounds! The average female time improved by 56 reps, which is just a few shy of two rounds.

The ladies of Double Edge really pulled it out on the 2K row as they went from a 9:11 average to an 8:48! The male average improved by ten seconds from 7:55 to 7:45.

As you can see the programming and Welded itself is working and I would like to personally tell all of the members at Double Edge good job and keep up the hard work!

Don’t forget to sign up for and download Train Heroic and we have the “Alvie” retest coming February 22nd. See you all on the leaderboard!