Summer Stability Series

What is this series all about? Is this just another yoga class? How does this help me in Welded? I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Summer Stability Series so hopefully this will answer some of your questions!

This series of classes will be targeting four areas that our bodies rely on for stability: abdominals, hip musculature, shoulder (scapula and rotator cuff) muscles, and foot/ankle muscles. Yes, this is a yoga class, but the sequencing will emphasize recruitment of each of these muscle groups.

Stability muscle strength and endurance is extremely important for not only Welded, but for any activity that requires generation of force, velocity, and stamina. Imagine running in sand. Hard, isn’t it? Feels like you are going nowhere with a lot of effort. Now imagine running on concrete with the same effort. Whoa Nelly! Look at you go! When you have the strength, endurance, and control of your stabilizers, your power muscles can be more efficient, generate more power, and can help prevent injury. Strong stabilizers are the ‘concrete’ for your power muscles. Weak or poorly recruited stabilizers are the ‘sand’.

There are lots of ways to train stability muscles, such as repetitive resistance exercises, which can be effective, but can also become monotonous and boring. Based on my research and knowledge as a Physical Therapist and fellow Weldedter, I’ve put together yoga sequences that will recruit and target these muscle groups. I hope to provide not only tools that you’ll use within the series, but also that you take these tools with you to continue strengthening and stabilizing beyond the 4 classes. I’m looking forward to having fun and making some stability gainz with you all!

Instructor: Haideh Plock

Haideh is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has 25 years of experience working with professional, collegiate and recreational athletes in a variety of sports, including Welded. She was employed at the Kerlan JobeOrthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles for 11 years which was the medical team for all Los Angeles area professional sports teams. Haideh is also a certified yoga instructor and brings her knowledge of the human body into her yoga sequences. She has been a member at Double Edge Fitness since 2016 and is an instructor for the Double Edge yoga program.