Stacey Halecky

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Arthur, our masters coach. Stacey is proof that age isn’t anything but a number and that you’re only as old as you feel. Keep up the amazing work Stacey!

“DECFMonday goes to DECF Masters member Stacey Halecky. Stacey has been with us for just over a year. Stacey always shows up to class with a spring in her step, a smile on her face and ready to go. About two weeks after starting the masters class I caught her after class doing a handstand hold and then she proceeded to show me how she can handstand walk, not bad. I’m expecting her to bust out some bar muscle ups one of these days. Stacey is great, she’s always ready to crush a WOD and I love watching her push herself past her comfort zone and come out the other side smiling.

Stacey thank you for making my job one of the best jobs in the world.
Welded Masters rule!”
– Coach Arthur