Something New

By: Sabrina Blajos

Hey Double Edge Family, I have a question for you guys. When was the last time you tried something new? For me and I’m sure for many of you it has been a really long time since I tried something new. I know most of us are busy and have crazy schedules, kids, work, etc. However we only live once, which means we only get to try something new for so long. It is something that has definitely been on my mind lately, especially with the nice weather being so close. So what I did was make a list of 3 things I want to try! But also 3 things that scare me, and hey who knows maybe I’ll end up loving it (which normally I do). It is something that will get me outside of my comfort zone, but also to will allow me to apply my fitness which I have been working on consistently since 2011!

So my challenge to you is to make a list, find a friend who is willing/wanting to do the same thing and get out there and try something new, then come back and tell all us coaches about it because we love hearing how you guys go out and apply your fitness!