Sleep: Are You Getting Enough?

By: Alvie Hafen

There are several things in this life we cannot live without: air, water, food, and sleep. Sleep, everyone does it! There is no one who doesn’t. It is a vital function of human life.
What does sleep do for the body you ask? You notice the difference between a good night and a poor night of sleep. If you slept well you feel refreshed, sharp, and alert for the day.  If your sleep is cut short the body doesn’t have the necessary time for muscle repair, memory storage and the hormones of growth and appetite are not properly released. This is why you can feel sick, have trouble holding conversions, have a breakout of acne, and just have a negative mood after a poor nights sleep.
Life can get be hectic, jobs, kids, money, and grinding for a better life. Yet remember we are MADE to sleep 7-8 hours every night. There will be nights where we don’t get the full night, but we should all try to be as consistent as possible. Turn off the electronics an hour before going to sleep. Stretching and breathing exercises can help calm the mind before sleep as well.
I challenge all of us to try and sleep more. Myself included, I have difficulty sleeping at night, but when I have the good nights my day is more productive, my body feels recovered, and I am a more happy and positive person! So do what is natural, do what the body is telling you. Go to sleep, turn off the social media and NO caffeine after 2 PM. Give that body the rest and recovery it deserves!
Well Rested 
– Memory, creativity and focus is improved
– Curbs inflammation
– Maintains healthy immune system
– Healthy blood sugar regulation and weight control
– Improves recovery and performance
– Increases energy and overall mood
– Reduces stress
– Clearer, healthier skin
Sleep Deprived
– Cognitive decline, memory loss, inability to make decisions
– Systemic inflammation (the root of all modern disease)
– Weakens immune system
– Increases hunger and cravings, weight gain
– Decreases physical performance
– Negatively affects mood and mental health (including depression, anxiety)
– Inability to manage stress, impulsivity
– Acne breakouts