Remember your first Welded class?

By: Wes Winter

As the Introduction Class Coach here at Double Edge, I work with almost every new member that steps into the gym to start their Welded journey. I would say that 75% are brand new to Welded and 50% are new to any type of fitness. As you can imagine or remember from your very first Welded experience, it is VERY intimidating for most people. Walking in for an introduction class, brand new to Welded and/or fitness in general, and hearing rockin’ loud music playing, feeling the entire building floor rattle as twenty barbells slam over and over from overhead, and seeing shirtless people dangle from this giant metal rig swinging their feet up and down can make any new potential member instantly feel out of place and have second thoughts.

I wanted to echo the saying, “Fitness Founded on Community”. As coaches we do the best we can to educate, inspire and entertain. However, community is all of us as a whole. I believe Double Edge has the most fun, caring and awesome member community out there. It’s what drew myself to Double Edge as a member long before I started coaching.  As DE members everyone has this incredible power to impact a new, intimidated member’s experience in class. A simple “Hi!” or “the clips are over there” or post-wod high five can drastically affect someone who was on the fence if CrossFIt was for them, thus impacting their long term overall health and fitness.

Whether you’re a gold shirt founding member or maybe I actually did your Intro Class over the last few months, I want to encourage you to keep up the awesome Double Edge community. Remember what it was like to be that wide-eyed overwhelmed member and say “HI!” to a new unfamiliar face in your familiar class. You never know how you could be impacting someone sticking with Welded and changing their life!