PR City!

By: Joaquin Ramirez

This blog is less about me explaining something specific in Welded or nutrition and more about me just praising all the members of Double Edge. Yesterday (9/25) we had over 100 people PR their squat clean! Watching everyone hit new weights they had never done before or finally get a number they had been chasing for a while was awesome to see! We are very lucky to have committed members like you guys who are eager to get more fit and better your health and lifestyle. I think I speak for the whole DE Team when I say how truly inspiring you all are to each of us.

We will only continue to get better from here. Remember to trust the programming, trust the coaches, show up consistently and work hard and you will get the results you seek. Thank you guys for continuing to work hard and get better every day. Keep it up and good job to everyone who hit a new PR yesterday!