Jessica Reimche

Jessica Reimche Fitness Gym Coach In South Reno Near Me


Coach Jess grew up in San Mateo, California where she geeked out on books, nature and music.  She has experience with a variety of workout styles ranging from running half marathons, triathlons, spartan races, and TRX classes. It wasn’t until she took her first CrossFit class at the University of Nevada Reno, where she got completely hooked, that she decided to make fitness an integral part of her life.

Jess loves that fitness can mean something different to every person – “for some, it’s finding that competitive atmosphere after high school and college sports, for others, it’s being able to be a more energetic parent or move throughout their daily lives pain-free. I love that fitness is the vehicle to help so many people achieve all of these diverse goals.”  She is so excited to be a part of the Double Edge team where she can help this amazing community of people become a little bit better every day.

As a personal trainer, Jess uses her extensive science background to take a research-based approach to health and fitness. Jess’s infectious energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to her clients provide a wealth of resources that help achieve goals; whether they are to improve high-level skills, change body composition, get out of pain, or build a lifestyle that revolves around healthy habits. Jess thrives with clients from all backgrounds and loves to use her creativity to create “At Home” workout programs that rely on minimal equipment. Let Jess help you build the structure and accountability you need to get better at life!
PhD in Biology
Certified CrossFit Trainer CR-L2
Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
Gymnastics Specialty Course