Chase Brady



Chase was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Ca, where he grew up playing in the ocean and doing all things that a waterman does. He started doing CrossFit at 15 years old in order to be fitter for his upcoming football season. Inevitably, he fell in love with CrossFit as well as it’s methodology, and ended up mainly focusing on CrossFit. At 17 he received his Level 1 and has been coaching ever since! In more recent years, Chase has been on the exciting pursuit to compete in the sport of CrossFit and become the best to ever do it. 

Chase’s energy is infectious in class. He has an incredible eye when it comes to looking, correcting, and perfecting the movement. Additionally, Chase has taught individuals at every level on their fitness journey. Whether it be teaching people how to do a proper air squat or perfecting someone’s ring muscle up, he can do it all. He loves and cares about the people who take his class with his whole heart, and makes it his mission to help them reach their fitness goals. 

When Chase is not in the gym, his hobbies include hanging out with his puppies and girlfriend, watching sports, bodysurfing, bodyboarding, diving, snowboarding, hanging out at the lake, mountain biking, and cheffing it up in the kitchen. 

His favorite quote is:

“Push the boulder.”


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition 

Certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Precision Nutrition coach Level 1