What is Personal Gym Equipment?

By: Derek Wellock

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss personal gym equipment. I have been asked and seen interesting use of gym equipment over the years but especially over the last couple months.

Personal gym equipment is gear the regular gym goer should have. These items are as follows: Socks, underwear, clothing, sports bras, shoes, ect. These are clothing items which are personal to each individual. I know many of you will laugh at this but it is crazy how often people ask to barrow these items. Basically if you can sweat in it and it cannot easily be wiped down and cleaned then it is a personal item that you should own.

Gray area gear. This is personal and gym supplied gear. Jump rope, weight vest, and weight belt. The reason this is grey area gear because most don’t know how to use it or have never heard of it until starting a fitness program. At Double Edge we buy the best jump ropes available for our class setting, these are always available for our members to use. But if you plan of keeping a fitness program going at Double Edge longer than a couple weeks we highly recommend you buy a personal jump rope. A jump rope needs to be fitted for your height and arm length. Having a personally fitted jump rope will help you achieve faster times, consistent double and single unders. So I highly suggest after a couple months you invest in a personally sized jump rope.

A weight belt is another one of those items that is confusing if they should be gym supplied or you should invest in one. They are personal because they are not easy to clean and people sweat in them. They are also size specific to get the right fit for the right needs. Also, for 95% of all people working out in our group class there should never be a need to use a weight belt. If you feel you need to use a weight belt to lift, then you need to meet and ask a coach how to use it and when the proper time to use it is. Just remember the goal of Welded is to prepare for life. If you need to pick a tree up that just fell on your child while out camping, ask yourself, what would you do? Run and get a weight belt or wish you would have learned and trained your body how to move weight without the aid of one.

A weight vest is that last item. We have a couple at the gym for people to play around with. But if you like to use them often then you should invest in one for personal use. They are fitted to your size and once again, because they get a lot of sweat in them and are not easily cleaned you should invest in one.

Just remember. If you can sweat in it and it can’t be cleaning easily by gym staff and you want to use it all the time, you should probably invest in it. If it needs to be personally fit to your body type you should probably invest in it. Clothing, Jump rope, weight belt, and weight vest all fit into this category.



Group Class Workout


Strength: 6×2 Front Squat @85% or 6×5 Choose Weight

Every 1:45

Lean: No Strength


Warm Up: 3 rounds: 250m Row/Ski and 15 Jump Squats

Finish with: 1 Min Banded Hip Capsule, 15 PVC PT GM






Death by EMOM:

Push Press 75/55

Front Squat

Add 1 rep of each movement every minute

Adv: 95/65

*When you fail complete 40 sec plank EMOM until last person is finished

Welded Lean

40 Min AMRAP

1 Mile Run

200/150 cal Bike

1 Mile Run

Max KB Russian Swings 53/35


Mobility of the day: Quad Smash (pg. 324)

Improves: Hip Function, Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain