Paula Leasure

This week’s #DECFMonday was chosen by Coach Arthur! Keep up the amazing work Paula!

“My #DECFMonday goes out to #DECFMasters member Paula Leasure.  Paula has been a part of the Masters’ class for almost two years, coming to class consistently 2-3 time/week with a smile and a great attitude.  She recently had a shoulder replacement and had to take a little time off.  During her recovery time she kept busy working on her air squats and is now hitting parallel.  Her shoulder surgery has left her with a lot of recovery ahead and we modify many of the workouts; Paula is not shy about attacking the WOD anyway she can.  Our next goal is one-armed burpees.  Thanks, Paula, for being a great part of the Masters’ and making my day with your ‘can do’ attitude.” – Coach Arthur

“Before DECF I can’t even express how hard my life was becoming, being so out of shape and over weight. I was concerned that I might not be able to continue traveling. But since being with DECF I have lost 40 pounds, my balance is way better. Due to all the squats I can get up and down easier improving many areas of my life. And, I really love the social interaction with the rest of the class. With all the hard work at DECF I think I’m ready to hit the road again.“ – Paula Leasure