Nutrition Services Offered at DE

There has been some miscommunication when it comes to our nutrition program and I take full responsibility for that. I would like to clear the air and lay out exactly what to expect with our Virtual Nutrition Program.

What’s Included
Custom Template
Sample Day
6 Week Focal Points
2 Inbody
True Coach Recipes and Content

Priced at $159 for a 6 week phase
Now just so it is understood. Most diagnostic centers will offer body fat testing for $50 a test. This test tells you body composition with body fat and muscle mass being the two things shown. The Inbody test is much more comprehensive and shows a persons skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, BMI, percent body fat, segmental lean analysis, body water balance, segmental fat analysis, BMR and visceral fat level. This test alone is well worth more than $50 dollars but let’s say we keep it even to compete with the market. Each phase gets 2 of these tests included so that brings you to a $100 value.

This basically gives you a nutritional template customized to you with a sample day and your detailed explanation of what to focus on during the 6 weeks along with weekly recipes and content for $59.

I have had some feedback expressing frustrations in the personal contact during this program. I apologize for my miscommunication in this matter but understand this program was never designed to be a daily contact, full accountability type program. During those 6 weeks it is more than likely that I will check in with you and if you keep a food log I will go in and look at it throughout the 6 weeks. However, this does not mean that you will be receiving check-ins weekly or daily. This program is a guideline and we created it to make it accessible for numerous amounts of clients to use at one time. It would be nearly impossible for 100 people to be on this program and get daily check-ins and feedback.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t reach out with questions or if something doesn’t feel right to let me know that I need to go in and look at your log.  Please reach out if you have anything you need looked at or have any questions. I am here to help you!

If you are looking for personal 1 on 1 attention with multiple check ins weekly and full accountability we have that service as well just understand that it comes at a higher cost. This program includes daily meals customized to you, full true coach access to go back and forth, monthly in person check ins and monthly body tests.

How to attack each 6 week phase

Each phase focuses on habit changes supplemented with new nutritional knowledge. After you receive your customized template with your calories and macros on it you will see an email included that describes in detail what you will be focusing on each day for the 6 weeks. You will follow the guidelines using the template and sample day provided to make these habit changes. The recipes and weekly content is just a bonus to keep ideas fresh and give you information on different nutritional information to keep in mind.

The first phase we keep it simple and nail down the basics. As we progress into the next phase the habits become more detailed and takes more commitment and effort to achieve. This does not mean that everything you learned in the first phase goes out the window. These habits are to be grown upon not discarded. When you get into the final phase you will have nailed down all nutritional concepts necessary to maintain optimal health for the remainder of your life!

We are a resource for you to use to help you reach optimal health using nutrition. Now it is very important to understand the reality of the matter. It took 5-20+ years to become unhealthy. It WILL NOT instantly become better in 6 or even 18 weeks. Yes, things will improve and you will see results, but if you truly think that after 18 weeks you will go from unhealthy body composition to magazine cover some expectations must be adjusted.

Secondly, you must be willing to WORK! If an 18-week nutrition program can’t be followed can you really expect results that weren’t earn? This program is roughly 33% of the year. If you can commit to earning your results for 1/3 of the year you will be in a much better place than when you started. The work never stops. You must continue to grind knowing that each day will not be perfect. Just as long as you continue to strive for progress each day you will truly reach the place you want to be.

If you are willing to truly commit to changing your lifestyle then we are right for you. If you are looking for a quick fix with minimal effort then maybe this program isn’t for you. We love to help people and we want to inspire people to take their health seriously. If this sounds right for you then don’t wait another minute! Get started today by sending us an email!